Company Overview
Corporate Culture ————
The company advocates a working relationship of unity and cooperation. We firmly believe that only by working together and keeping a unified pace can the team move forward courageously. Therefore, excellent cooperation spirit and good communication skills are the top criteria for us to choose people. Our team has a group of vibrant young talents, not only in terms of education and qualifications, but also in terms of performance, which is the source of our vitality.

We believe that the core values of "fairness, professionalism" can have guiding significance in both work and life, and provide a direction for future elites to move forward and strive to join this team.

Since its inception in 2011, the product has been sold in various countries around the world, with sales exceeding 100 million US dollars
Reached strategic cooperation with Ruixun Technology Enterprise, with AAA quality service and integrity
The company's business has entered a period of rapid development. The number of cooperating suppliers is gradually increasing, making it a choice for thousands of users
Yunrui Micro Technology Company was founded in 2019
Honorary qualifications ——
Since its establishment, the company has been engaged in the development, production, sales, maintenance, and service of electronic and electrical products, which have been widely praised by the outside world